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SubaruCAR.net specializes in selling Subaru rebuilt engines. Our Subaru engines can be installed on site by our technicians. (Including free oil change and inspection after 500 km). Remanufactured engines fb25ba-fb25bc-fb20b-fb20x-fa20d-fa20f-ej205-ej255-ej253-ej257-ez30d-ez36d-dohc-sohc-turbo.

We can pick up your Subaru within a 100 km radius and bring you a replacement vehicle if available.

Why a Subaru machine shop ?

We started the refurbishing of Subaru engines due to the many problems that our mechanical department has had with used engines, engines imported from Japan and low availability.

The solution was rebuilt engine, affordable and with a good warranty.

Why buy a Subaru long blog ?

  • Your engine knox.
  • The low oil pressure light went on and the engine was not stop at once.
  • Your engine as a high mileage.

All our engines are dismantled, cleaned and repaired according to Subaru specifications.


  • Subaru engines are fully disassembled. All bearings are replaced by new ones.
  • The crankshaft (crank) is inspected and, for the most part, machined. The cylinders are checked for cone, vertical and circular wear.
  • The cylinders are drilled (boring) and honed, if necessary, to meet the specifications of the Subaru manufacturer.
  • The pistons are usually replaced by new ones since the corrections require pistons of a higher calibre (oversize).
  • Only very low mileage engines do not require drilling and new pistons.


We do a thorough diagnosis by computers, cameras and other equipment on the cutting edge of technology.

We can install your engine. Otherwise, when your own technician need advice, he can contact us.


Turbo engines are guaranteed for 6 months.

The non-turbo motors are guaranteed 12 months.

Some of our requirements :

  • Some parts must be replaced because of metal shrapnel that are not clean: intake manifold (intake) or if the turbo piston disintegrates, failure to oil (supplied), oil cooler.
  • Prime the oil pump. Clean the radiator (received support).
  • You must keep proof / receipts for oil changes and periodic maintenance as specified by the manufacturer.

In case of complaint, the invoices will be required.

Make an oil change and filter after 500 km (free if done at our workshop).

The first 6000 km must be made with mineral oil. During this time, use only original Subaru filters.

For transmission, the radiator coolant should be cleaned.


You are responsible for transporting your engines. Remove the oil from your engine. Remove all unnecessary parts and tie securely to the pallet with ratchet tie downs. Contact a local delivery company that can carry a pallet. We used a few times Quick X.


If you order a EJ25 SOHC specify:

  • model pcv valve (D) : The (B) or (C)
  • if you have an EGR valve (A) (pipe to the back of the head left to the induction manifold)


If you order a specified EJ25 SOHC engine:

  • with or without the timing belt and pulleys
  • Subaru oil pan
  • Subaru oil pump
  • 2 oem Subaru oil filters
  • crank seal and "O" rings
  • pistons and ring
  • main bearing, rod bearing
  • 2 dowell pin
  • 2 engine head


It is becoming more and more difficult to find core on the market. This is why we prefer to reassemble your defective engine using your core.

You will be reimbursed if the cylinders and cylinder heads of your EXCHANGE (defective motor) are reusable. An engine that has already been bored may no longer be rebuildable.

You are responsible for transporting your new engine and returning your EXCHANGE (defective motor).


Pour la commande, fournir les informations suivantes:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • delivery phone number
  • Model
  • Year
  • picture of the VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • picute of the odometer rolled
  • picutre of the liscence plate


Full payment is required before delivery.

We accept bank transfers, certified checks, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Accord D Creditplan.

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