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Carstar Chambly Richelieu

Mars 17, 2022
Lien : Carstar Chambly Richelieu

Carstar Chambly Richelieu

Auto collision, accident, dent, fender bender
At Carstar Chambly Richelieu, our highly qualified bodywork technicians offer you exceptional reconditioning of your vehicle. For all makes and types of vehicles, we can take care of your cracked windshield until your vehicle has an accident repaired. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer service, for owners of new or used vehicles!

Located on the South Shore of Montreal Carstar Chambly Richelieu is a body shop located in Richelieu which is proud to offer, for more than 60 years, body shop services to the citizens of the cities of Richelieu, Chambly, Marieville, Saint-Mathias -sur-Richelieu, Carignan, Rougemont and Saint-Césaire.

Our priority at Carstar Chambly Richelieu (Carrosserie André Raymond) is to provide you with superior customer service. We ensure the excellence of our services by following a very strict 4-step procedure (Help-Evaluate-Repair-Give back). We always start our interviews by offering our help with any procedure that you may have a problem with. Whether it is for moving your damaged vehicle or for your insurance claims, we are here to help you. We deal with all insurance companies to be able to serve you better. Then, we do a light cleaning to assess the damage that the collision could have created. We always make sure with you that the estimated repairs are right for you. Then the repairs begin: dent removal, structural repair, painting, polishing, all our techniques will be in place to remove all traces of hanging. We use the best parts and tools in the industry to ensure flawless reconditioning. These steps are followed by a quality control by our technicians and a washing of the vehicle. At the end, all traces of an accident or collision are gone, we can return your vehicle to you.

Multitasking body shop services
To simplify your repairs, Carstar Chambly Richelieu offers a multitude of services to ensure the most complete repair of your vehicle.

Windshield replacement
We offer you the windshield change service for all makes of vehicle. A damaged windshield is a risk to your safety. It is therefore essential to replace a cracked windshield as quickly as possible.

If the paint on your vehicle has been damaged by broken windshield or rust. Our car painter can paint the damaged places.

For more info on installing and replacing windshields and auto glass:

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Protect your car from corrosion while protecting the environment.

We use the BIO-PROGARD anti-rust treatment. This top-of-the-range biological treatment has incredible properties that allow it to offer long-term protection while remaining extremely competitive in price. This treatment is even one of the few rust inhibitors that are safe for hybrid vehicles. Beige in color, this treatment has a more subtle appearance and is less messy than commonly used black grease.

For more info on our automotive anti-rust treatment:

For more information on our rust preventative:

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Paintless dent removal
Slight dent?

Paintless dent removal is the best process for you. This process is economical, fast and environmentally friendly since it does not require any product application. Our experienced technicians will remove all traces of collision (small bump) while keeping the original paint. This process is quick and inexpensive.

We will help you complete your insurance claim.

For more info on environmentally friendly paintless dent removal:

Proper cosmetic maintenance of your vehicle helps maintain its value and extend its life. Our detailing center will restore your vehicle to impeccable condition. Interior shampoo, engine shampoo, decontamination, polishing, wax, touch-up paint, interior exterior washing ...

For more information on a sparkling vehicle:

Extended schedule
With prior arrangement, it is possible for us to offer a much more flexible schedule. We post the official opening hours on our site. With an appointment, you can collect or drop off your vehicle outside of these hours. This can allow you to pick up your car either late in the evening or even on Saturday.

Limousine service
To ensure you an excellent service during large-scale work on your car, our bodywork and mechanics service provides more than 25 courtesy vehicles for your personal trips. For smaller jobs, our limousine service will be happy to take you back.

During repairs, in our body shop department, take advantage of some interesting promotions in our other departments. For example, you get a free mechanical inspection after doing body repairs with us. This way, you can be sure that your vehicle is in top shape both for its mechanics and its body. To try us is to adopt us. We're giving you the first free oil change on your Subaru, to give you the chance to try us out and see our amazing customer experience.

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Not just a body shop
Carstar Chambly Richelieu offers you several services to ensure exceptional automotive service.

Automobile sales
SubaruCar.net has been specializing in the sale of used Subaru for over 20 years now. Our vehicles are all mechanically and aesthetically reconditioned according to very high certification standards to offer you the greatest possible peace of mind. No other place can offer you such high-quality vehicles at such a competitive price.

To see our inventory:

Automobile mechanic
Autopro Raymond is a Napa AutoPro Recommended Mechanical Repair and Service Center. Specializing in auto mechanics we can take care of any make or type of vehicle. From changing the oil to rebuilding your engine, we're here to take care of you.

For more info on our mechanical service:

Storage and sale of tires
Our tire storage and sales services are here to make your life easier. Bring your vehicle, we will take care of everything. With our Operation Pothole program, we recommend that you do an alignment every time you change your tire in the spring and fall. This will save you money by preventing premature wear of your tires.

To help you with your winter tire purchase:

Installing winter tires:

Pothole operation:

Mechanical inspection
We can carry out inspections of used vehicles of all brands before purchasing. We provide you with a detailed report of all vehicle requirements to make sure you are purchasing a quality car. After reconditioning, we could offer you a mechanical warranty plan that will give you peace of mind on board your new vehicle.

Peace of mind guarantee
You can even take advantage of napa autopro's 24-month, 40,000 km peace of mind warranty for applicable repairs.

Full protection guarantee

The guarantee plan of the Allied group is an almost total mechanical cover of your vehicle. Recommended by the CAA, it will take all the stress out of repairing your vehicle.

For more info on mechanical protection:

Clef verte certification
SubaruCar.net is certified by the Clef verte Program. Clé Verte's mandate is to ensure compliance with high standards in terms of good environmental practices. Verified by an independent third party, the program ensures consistency and consistency and enables consumers to make informed choices about environmentally friendly garages. This allows us to offer you an environmentally friendly service while maintaining high quality standards.

For more info on the green key program:

Family business
Carstar Chambly Richelieu is a second generation family business that has been in business since 1960. Initially in Chambly on rue Petrozza (former rue Ostiguy) the company was founded under the name Raymond Auto Body which later became Carrosserie André Raymond. In 1994, the company moved to 300 boulevard Richelieu, route 112, in Richelieu where the Raymond brothers launched several highly recognized automotive services in the Richelieu region such as SubaruCar.net (automobile sales) Napa Autopro Raymond (automobile mechanics) and Carstar Chambly Richelieu (bodywork).

Point-S City PneusMecaniqueRichelieu.net
For the purchase or installation of tires, trust our Point-S City Pneus Mécanique Richelieu tire specialists. In addition, our expertise in the field gives us access to one of the largest tire catalogs in Quebec. You can find products from around twenty different brands there, for all budgets.

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The vehicle specialist $ 10,000 and under.

If you are looking for a cheap car, a low cost car, an accessible vehicle AutoRabais.net is the specialist in used vehicles of $ 10,000 dollars and less. With more than 50 low-cost vehicles in inventory from over twenty different brands, you are sure to find your favorite vehicle among our models. In addition, our inventory can adapt to all budgets, ranging from vehicles of $ 300, $ 5,000 and less and up to vehicles of $ 10,000.

To see our car inventory under $10,000:

Raymond Auto Body, Carrosserie André Raymond inc., Carrosserie Raymond and Carstar Chambly Richelieu are the names that identify our body shop department since 1960

Find out about our automotive services in the Chambly basin region: Carignan, Chambly, Richelieu, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Marieville, Rougemont, Saint-Césaire and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

You are looking for the best price for your vehicle, you have come to the right place.

For an estimate of the value of your car:

60 years
Since 1960 we have been offering automotive services to residents of the Chambly Basin region. Carignan, Marieville, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Rougemont, Saint-Césaire.

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Clef verte
Clef Verte is an organization that has established an environmental certification program for mechanical workshops. Our workshop was awarded the platinum rating for a second consecutive year.

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We go out of our way for you
We offer home (or work) pick-up and delivery service. Available for all our departments. No need to travel, we will collect your car and return it to you when it is ready.

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