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Mars 17, 2022
Lien : LaveAuto.pro

Lave auto pro offers you complete automotive detailing services for all makes and types of vehicles.

Our detailing center reconditions cars for sale for SubaruCAR.net and AutoRabais.net. We also perform aesthetic preparation for CarstarChamblyRichelieu.net customers.

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, LaveAuto.pro is a specialized car wash located in Richelieu which is proud to offer, for more than 60 years, aesthetic reconditioning services to the citizens of the cities of Richelieu, Chambly, Marieville, Carignan , Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Rougemont and Saint-Césaire.

More than a car wash by hand, we offer several aesthetic services for your vehicle. From interior shampoo to polishing with wax, our certified technicians will refurbish your vehicle. We have packages for all budgets.

Interior shampoo
To remove stains, calcium rings, odors, mud, tobacco smells and dog hair, we use powerful extraction equipment.

Motor shampoo
While protecting your electronic components, we restore luster to your engine.

Paint decontamination
For deep cleaning of paint. We use specialized tools and products to remove brake dust, tree sap, tar, salt, paint from road lines, etc.

Over time the paint finish looks like a mountain ridge. Polishing smoothes imperfections from wear and abrasion. This prepares the surface to receive the wax. To do this we use water-based sand papers and specific abrasive pastes. Dark colors require more work.

The wax restores the final shine and protects from the elements. Wax is the exterior protection of your body. Combined with touch-up paint it prevents corrosion. We recommend one wax treatment per season.

Paint sealer
Paint sealer is chemically based and fills paint pores better, but has less shine than wax.

Anti-theft chiselling
Dozens of parts are marked with a personalized identification number. This reduces the risk of theft since parts can no longer be sold without leaving a trace. Some insurance companies offer a discount on your premium if your vehicle is weathered.

Paint touch ups
The metal must not be left unprotected, otherwise rust will catch on. We can provide you with a bottle of paint to match the color of your car. Touch-ups should be done after decontamination and before waxing. Few beauty centers can offer touch up paint.

Treatment, protector and sealer
For fabrics, carpets, leather and vinyl. Protects against UV rays and encrustation.

Tissue repair
It is possible to repair cigarette burns and tissue tears.

Vinyl repair
Like your auto body, the interior vinyl finish can be repaired and painted with a color scheme.

Window tinting
Window tinting has several advantages: up to 99% UV protection without visual distortion, reducing cabin heat, protecting interior contents, creating privacy and improving visual appearance.

Windshield treatment
The Aquapel treatment increases visibility when it rains. The water is slipping and there is no buildup on the windshield.

Seal beam refurbishment
Headlight repairs consist of removing the yellowish coating and removing the abrasion marks. It is a process similar to polishing paint. For the finish, there are two processes: a sealer or a coat of varnish.

Ozone treatment
This is the only way to remove odors in a vehicle.

Paintless dent removal
Allows you to remove dents without having to repaint your vehicle.
Paintless dent removal is a process that allows you to remove minor dents without having to repaint your vehicle. This technique is very advantageous compared to traditional dent removal, because it is much more economical.

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SubaruCar.net has been specializing in the sale and maintenance of used Subaru for over 20 years now. Our vehicles are all mechanically and aesthetically reconditioned according to very high certification standards to offer you the greatest possible peace of mind. No other place can offer you such high-quality vehicles at such a competitive price.

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We are specialists in the maintenance and repair of Subaru Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, Impreza WRX STi, Ascent, Legacy and Brz.

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Point-S City PneusMecaniqueRichelieu.net
For the purchase or installation of tires, trust our Point-S City Pneus Mécanique Richelieu tire specialists. In addition, our expertise in the field gives us access to one of the largest tire catalogs in Quebec. You can find products from around twenty different brands there, for all budgets.

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For a mechanical appointment: https://autoproraymond.mechanicnet.com/apps/shops/display?page=appointment&f_hide_frame=1

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The vehicle specialist $ 10,000 and under.

If you are looking for a cheap car, a low cost car, an accessible vehicle AutoRabais.net is the specialist in used vehicles of $ 10,000 dollars and less. With over 50 low-cost vehicles in inventory of over twenty different brands, you are sure to find your favorite vehicle among our models. In addition, our inventory can adapt to all budgets, ranging from vehicles of $ 300, $ 5,000 and less and up to vehicles of $ 10,000.

To see our car inventory under $ 10,000:

Autopro Raymond is a Napa AutoPro Recommended Mechanical Repair and Service Center. Specializing in auto mechanics, we can handle any make or type of vehicle. From changing the oil to rebuilding your engine, we're here to take care of you.

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An accident is so quickly erased. For any collision, we work with your insurer to get your car back to its original appearance as quickly as possible. Where we have met by accident since 1960!

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Raymond Auto Body, Carrosserie André Raymond inc., Carrosserie Raymond and Carstar Chambly Richelieu are the names that identify our body shop department since 1960

Allows you to find out about our automotive services in the Chambly Basin region: Carignan, Chambly, Richelieu, Marieville, Rougemont and Saint-Césaire and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Our team uses Bio-Progard permanent biological rust preventer which is an environmentally friendly organic product. This product has several properties which make it very efficient against corrosion while being economical. Our permanent biological rust inhibitor stops corrosion by seeping into hard-to-reach places. We do not drill any holes in your body so as not to void your manufacturer's warranty. Parts are removed to gain access to every nook and cranny of the body.

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We have been repairing and replacing car windows since 1960. The work is carried out by our team at CarstarChamblyRichelieu.ca. If there is rust under your windshield, we can repair it before installing it. We also have the equipment to repair broken windshields.

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You are looking for the best price for your vehicle, you have come to the right place.

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60 years
Since 1960 we have been offering automotive services to residents of the Chambly Basin region. Carignan, Marieville, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Rougemont, Saint-Césaire.

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Clef verte
Clef Verte is an organization that has established an environmental certification program for mechanical workshops. Our workshop was awarded the platinum rating for a second consecutive year.

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